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Of course, having the courage to write and delineate from my dull head is the greatest pride of all time.

Yes! I’m an accidental scientist; who was compelled to mix acid with water, crammed generation X and Y’s laws and theories, memorized botanical names and confusing kingdoms, learned about the Greek Alphabets, I was way like a magnitude with no direction, for three fascinating years. I battled so hard to make my parents proud. Which until today, I’ve never ceased to amaze them.

Recollecting the way I remonstrated about how fate dragged me to Science, my passionate love for Art and my fruitless dream of becoming a ‘journalist still hangs on the rope of reality.

Back then in junior secondary school, I joined the ‘Debate and press society’ solely with the thought of becoming a broadcasting journalist the world craves for. I strived hard and got the best training and experience one could pray for. With a fervent expectancy, I could vividly remember how I rehearsed anxiously until my first day on stage comes forth. Everyone was always impressed and stunned on how a junior student sojourned and boldly stood for ‘the daily news’. Stage fright, errors, mispronunciations has taken a good advantage of me. Yet, I was applauded and ranked “a girl of some distinctions”. As of then, my name needs not to be mentioned twice. I’m proud of that because, great names are rare.

After my Junior WAEC, I graded with Five distinctions in Sciences, Three credits; in Basic computer, Civic education and Home economics, Five passes in Arts; Art and music, physical education, Practical Agriculture, Business studies and for sure despised Mathematics. Making a total of thirteen subjects, dynamically as life changes, new rule was made. “Interviews must be done, before one qualifies for a desired class “. Despite my result, I remained adamant on my choice for the Arts.

Tick tock! Time clocks, the Vice Principal Academic was to interview me. “I know this man, I won’t have any problem”. I thought.

Mallam Ibrahim F.M. took my credentials to have a glimpse at, after which he threw a question at me “What class do you desire, and why?.” I boldly confided to him why I wanted to study Art to become a Television broadcasting agent. I even stressed to mention BBC being the station I had in mind. He asked questions from literature, I had to stutter incorrect answers before I woefully failed. (Amazingly, I never did Literature and was very poor in secondary school).

Furthermore, questions were asked on sciences, I tearfully answered them correctly. Mallam Ibrahim scanned my result and approved me for ‘Science class’. Life entirely disconcerted and that was the beginning of my ‘fateful journey’.

Admittedly, Life wasn’t fair to me. I had to face a lot of setbacks .Only few mates understood what I’ve gone through. Those dark days I felt like quitting, moments I cried out loud alone in a quiet place, time I had cursed fate for taking a dreadful turn upon me- situations where staffs called me “Dumb-Head girl”, competition I attended but failed to bring back trophies – moments I was laughed at for making puny efforts- I had to take extra classes when everyone has gone out for Break. All these challenges didn’t change me to a ‘Truant’, I fumed in everything.

And one Day, I scoured myself to realize what I was actually lacking. At seventeen of age, I was able to learn a precocious talent in me- Art of Poetry.  I worked extremely hard to cope with the sciences, which I succeeded and passed SSCE with quite good grades, scored 189 in JAMB and applied for Biology in the prestigious Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University (Lapai) and was offered ‘Biology Education’ which I’m grateful for.

And today, with a self-satisfied smile I say I’m proud of studying Biology Education, and I felt I’m off the shackles for my dreams are possibly coming true. I met amazing individuals who are mentoring me. I’m not just a poetess today but also a performing poet, and a motivational speaker.

I’ve sidelined a time for my “Passion” and “Fate”

I am dancing to fate’s tone while singing a passionate song to my heart. I’ve learned to mould my words and play with them. I don’t have to go with others opinion. I have learned to pick decision at suitable moments. Albeit, Art has given me an avenue to express my feelings in click on a sheet of paper, I’m more prodigious than the fazed girl in the past. And I don’t see reading sciences as a hinder to my qualities and potentials. I’m working hard to make a difference; I can’t change or defy Destiny. Certainly, I’m lobbying and making it real. Life has taught me how to utilize any given opportunity.

Today, I am for the Science and Passionate about Arts.


The 18 years old Musa Jemilah was born on 22nd January 2001 in Minna, Niger state.
She did her primary at Chanchaga Primary school, Minna and further continued from Day Secondary school Chanchaga now known as Government Science college,Minna.

Musa Jemilah held the post of Head Girl, Vice Ameerah and news editor during her secondary school days.

Currently a 200L student of Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida university, lapai. Studying Biology education. She’s passionate about Art and phonetography. She’s a Teen poet, motivational speaker and spoken words artist. She had performed her poems at ‘Night of Poetry and drama’, ‘Lapai Book chat and open mic’ and ‘9rords hangout’. Her poem “Priceless Father” was published in an Anthology. She was a prize winner of the Almajiri contest on Poetic Wednesdays.
Musa Jemilah believes that “Fate can’t be changed, but can be defy”
She’s striving to make a difference and change people’s life with little she has; Age she said doesn’t matter.

She loves making new friends and trying out new things. She watch movies at leisure

Today, I am for the Science and Passionate about Arts.

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Alhassan Gunna
Alhassan Gunna
1 year ago

Go. Go. Baby girl… You’re an inspiration to many

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