Jamaica’s Tony Ann emerge as 2019 Miss world pageant

16th December,2019 was a very proud day for Black women around the world as Jamaica’s Toni Ann emerged winner of the 2019 miss world pageant. Every body expressed their happiness and excitement but the one person that stood out and caught our attention was Nyekachi douglas(winner of 2019 most beautiful girl in Nigeria) who was also a contestant for the pageant and made it to the final five. Right there on stage, just as the winner was announced, she screamed with excitement and danced all the way to hug her friend who was crowned miss World.

Her happiness was evident for all to see.

As usual, several twitter users shared their opinion on this. One user tweeted: “Absolutely amazing in all my years of watching never seen another queen this excited about someone else’s win.#MissNigeria you are simply the best”

Another tweeted “Miss Nigeria should be crowned for being so gracious and beautiful! A really classy woman, tough act to follow. God bless her.”

While a few people, claimed that she was faking it, her reaction was an example of how to react to other people’s success and keeping a positive attitude always. That despite it wasn’t through her, someone else made a great achievement for all Black women. This is what we call a good sports.


Later on, Nyekachi was crowned Miss Africa 2019 for being the 1st in Africa and I think its safe to say she also won Miss hearts 2019 for winning our hearts. Congratulations!

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