Ehigie: Why Nigeria Should Invest More in the Animation Industry

Ehigie: Why Nigeria Should Invest More in the Animation Industry

By Amb. Ehigie Ikeakhe

Boom! the 21st century world no longer deal in the analogue type of communication system, we are much vast in technology, science and art. We have been able to make those three parties to coexist as one. In the kind of world we are today people hardly have time to read long newspapers or make huge purchase of the prints unlike it used to be in the past decades, it is becoming more interesting that  people are beginning to lose their interests on watching local news stations like NTA, Channels TV, Sliver bird TV and others. Through our mobile phones and tablets, animation has meddled its way through the  minds of users and have locked all these systems (TV News, etc) in another prison of odd, most especially the young folks.

This may look sad but remains the honest-truth.

What way can we then make communication and interaction more easier? Animation.

Animation, in simple terms, is a virtual, visual medium where you can create cartoon characters to represent the owner of a particular message or information, since this is in a video format and can be stored and carried everywhere in our phones, laptops and other audio visual devices, it makes the game increasingly amazing.

Animation is more widespread than a lot of people would realize. Apart from feature films, short films (cartoon), animated GIF’s and other media that are devoted to the display of moving images, animation is also conventional  in video games, motion graphics, user interfaces and visual effects.

The concept of animation is generally divided into the 2D and 3D display, although there are others like the Traditional animation (hand-free animation), motion graphics (animated logo).

Animation so far has been widely accepted in all countries which can be refer to as an internationally accepted media or way of passing message from one angle to the other.  Recently the Chinese are hitting on the market with animation and they are using the animation system to spread their culture around the world.

In China alone, top universities started to set up animation-related majors only since 2000, and many of their graduates have been attracted by the higher-paid online game industry, most of the recent successful animations including “Monkey King” and “Ne Zha” which were adapted from well-known folk legends. About 50,000 professionals worked in the core development section of China’s 150 billion yuan animation industry, research showed. Today we are here enjoying their creative work of animation and every single day it is generating more income not just to the creators or animators but, for the country itself.

Of the recent, the Nigeria comedy circle are beginning to hugely delve into animation and comics because those are what people find more interesting. Having said that, if Nigerians can actually invest their time, creativity and energy in animation plus the government and entrepreneurs investing in the animation industry, it will lead to a greater development in the country and as well become a means to reduce the pressure of unemployment in Nigeria. Meanwhile there are other reasons why Nigerians should invest in animation.

Communication speed: Taking excerpts from the new cases of CoronaVirus, which mostly include the spread of the virus, the symptoms, the history and other related information on the virus was (and can be) quickly spread through the creation and sharing of animated images and videos in YouTube and other social media platforms which helped in spreading the information faster and this is reason why the WHO (World Health Organization) had to engage animation creators.

Income Generation: In 2018, according to the global animation market was worth 259 billion U.S. dollars, and is expected to grow to 270 billion by 2020. Animation is big business, with consumers increasingly expecting higher quality graphics in gaming, better visual effects in movies and a more immersive consumption experience wherever they go. Animated features have in most times performed well at the box office, with films such as ‘Shrek’, ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Minions’ proving to be hits with children and adults alike across the globe.

The Spread Of Nigeria Culture: Not long ago, animation companies are beginning to surface in Nigeria movie industry like Anthills, Lotusfly, BWE Studios, Komotion studios, etc some of which produce culturally oriented movies. Few animation cultural short films have appeared in the media like the Animated Story of Sango, featured on Channels TV, The Orishas among others, bringing the culture of the Yorubas to life and promoting the piece at the same time using characters that are assumed to be human beings.   This way we  are actually spreading the Nigeria western culture and through that way a lot kids and adults will learn about these characters and their gifted powers. It will also preserve and promote the culture and heritage of our tribe and it will go a long way of teaching Nigerians their culture and tradition and other countries will also be aware of the vivacious beauty in those cultures and traditions. Just like how the Koreans and Chinese are providing wonderful animation on their culture.

• The use of voiceovers to achieve results
Unlike a traditional film shoot, animation does not require video production professionals to start hunting for a location, apply for permits, or hold day-long casting calls to get a whole casts and crews on board. Having faith on animation also overcomes the challenges of scheduling interviews or other scenarios within an organization’s environment. In order to put the entire story together, all you need to do is to ensure that a number of variables are removed and an animator can focus on timing the visuals with voiceover and background music. And, if there is a script or major content change during the post-production, it’s easier to record the voiceover again rather than scheduling a new interview, not to ignore, this has cut down the itches of transportation, to and fro.

• Delivers Complex Information in a Simplistic Manner
Animation is an advancement and one of the reasons why we seek for advancement is to reduce stress, make works easy, better and attractive and that is what the animation industry is all about. Connecting the dots, the most effective stories connect with their audiences. Without establishing a connection, audiences often have a difficult time understanding exactly how a product or service works, and therefore why they should engage your services. Most potentially-looking successful businesses have collapsed due to this. That’s why one of the biggest benefits of animation is the ability to describe complex ideas in a simple manner. For instance, technology companies often use animation to convey how a complex solution or process works. It’s the perfect solution for breaking things down that are not easily explained or even possible to film. When combined with a tightly written script, animation can really simplify a company’s solution and relate the material to audiences even more quicker.

The BWE Studio is currently working on a 3D animation movie which is supposed to be the first of its kind and the script (storyline) is a mimicry of the Ebola virus that erupted Africa including Nigeria. The ‘epic’ fictional movie is still in its production phase and the team is putting together all creativity to bring out the best out of it. The name is Alobe Virus.

In a nutshell, animation industry is a very good system Nigerians should look forward to and  invest in because very soon so many amazing  stories will be created through this medium and the world movie industry is likely to be taken over by animations and adventures.

What is then our preparations and contributions.

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