Lady laments as she calls out for advice on the internet

To what extent should a wedding ring be worn for? I’ve been engaged since a year ago May (dated for 4yrs), my Fiance hasn’t discussed continuing the introduction or marriage, it resembles he just proposed to me since he felt like.

This man has refused to be all alone, his Grandma and 5 kin (more youthful and more seasoned) live with him and he assumes liability for them each of the, two of his kin living with him additionally have their accomplices living with them. It’s just a 3 room level. I want to stop the entire thing cause I don’t feel good setting off to his home. At the point when I do, he needs me to cook for everybody which gets me stressed.

With the vibe of things, he has no plans of moving out for them cause he leased the condo, neither do they have aims of moving out all alone, it’s progressively similar to a family house. My period is two days late and I’m terrified to the marrow.

Please advice me on what to do cause I can’t live with him if they’re still there after marriage, he’s not even talking about marriage, I’ve not asked him yet so as not to sound desperate but why propose if you don’t have plans of doing the next thing after a max of 6 months?

He’s 31 and I’m 24 years old


What will you do if you are in her shoes?

Let’s hear your thoughts and opinions

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