The Nupe Horse Riding Event is a program organize by the leadership of National Association of Nupe Students, National Headquarter in order to showcase our rich cultural heritage, cultural background, cultural development and to bring about unity among the Nupe speaking students worldwide.

The Nupe Horse Riding Event is a traditional celebration that is taking place for the first time under the leadership of NANUS National Headquarter. As nothing defeats the natural way in cultures and ideals of life, this events seeks to showcase the culture, tourism and nature co-existing in Nupe land. The Nupe kingdom, especially Bida has been known for his monuments in his environments and beyond. And also leveraging the sense of peace and unity.

Basically the three Nupe speaking states happened to fall in the north central which are Niger, Kwara and Kogi state. We are expecting all Nupe students across the three states to come and make this day colourful and memorable.

Our main concern is students welfarism and academic standard. In this regards we urge all Nupe students with any kind of challenges to report to welfare department in our secretariat  or email us @[email protected]

Date: Saturday 8th August, 2020.

Venue: Bida Town Hall

Time: 9AM

Thanks as you come to make this day a memorable one for all.


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