Gloria Chinwe Chubuike: Maximizing Youth Demography In Nigeria

Gloria Chinwe Chubuike, Nigeria philanthropist, age 24, the president chinwe Chibuike Foundation and youth counsellor was live on plus TV where she spoke about  maximizing youth demography in Nigeria.

When asked about the future of Nigerian youths, are they still the future of tomorrow or the future is here already?

She said, the future is here already seeing alot of progress amongst the youth, efforts, encouragement and determination. Nigerian youths are doing very good across and within the borders. They have this zeal and determination to turn every hardship into something worthwhile for their lives and the society at large.
The demography is not really here but i feel we’re getting there gradually. Seeing a lot of public enlightenment in the society and the participation of youths in it shows a lot of progress that we actually getting there sooner.

Talking about youths trying to leave the country for a greener pasture which at the end turns to defeat, what do you think the government have to do to curb that mindset every young potential youth have?

What the government need to do is to appreciate the youths with the talent they have. Only outsiders appreciate the effort giving in by youths in our country. When the government don’t value what the youth have, they tend to leave to a place where people appreciate every of their little efforts put in doing something.

Speaking about availability of incentives government is to put in place for young entrepreneurs to establish thier own business, because that is one of the major factor that discourage young Nigerian entrepreneurs abroad to come invest in their own country.

She said, playing by the rules in the sense that we all have to be equally treated in the country because that way people feel comfortable to come start a business here. She talked about how difficult it was for her to start up her own business it was very stressful to even get the certificate to register her business. The task is too much, not encouraging young people to start their own business.

Adding from her research, she said the government is not encouraging, things not going right but you don’t give up. When you have that passion to achieve something don’t let it go.
Also, another problem with Nigerians is that they don’t want to start from the root, not humble and want to get to the top. They should always start from the root of something, and with that they will attain greater heights.

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