Gloria Chibuike Speaks On Her Fight Against Malaria In Africa

Gloria Chinwe Chubuike speaks about her passion for the fight against malaria on plus TV #TeaTime show.

Gloria Chibuike is the founder and CEO of Chinwe Chibuike Foundation, an international non-profit organization that leverage across Abia and other states in Nigeria through collaborative effort with the government by providing charity, medical aides and treatment, wide medical relief materials to the society and also creating awareness on the need to live an healthy life. Her passion for charity and philanthropy drove her into medical field. She is a Nurse, Business woman and a degree holder in Plant and Biotechnology. She is addressed as the woman of many profession.

When asked “what drove you there to study plant and biotechnology, was it your passion, what you intended to do?”

She answered; sincerely, the course actually is plant science and Biotechnology and it wasn’t really my passion. But you know in Nigeria you apply for a particular course and you don’t really get what you want. Even i knew i was going to travel out at some point. I really enjoyed the course because it was quite enlightening to me.

Moving into the health sector, we’ve to give you applaud for being in the frontline in the fight against Covid-19. You are one of our heroes and we really appreciate you for that.

One of the things you are passionate about and kin your interest into is the fight against malaria which is one sickness that have span across Nigeria and Africa at large.
“Why did you chose malaria and tell us how your NGO is focusing on malaria?”

My NGO generally tackles health issues, enlighten people, we try to advocate and do alot of things but mainly on health and education.
Presently, for a year now i made a goal to tackle malaria seriously because i know it is one of the big problems we are facing in Nigeria and Africa at the moment. We’ve done few projects on malaria already, we run full scale project. We test you, you see a doctor, you wait for your result and get free medication if you need one. So, i like to do that because a lot of people will say i’m going to take herbs because i don’t have money to go to the hospital. So if you’re able to bring this things to them, they’re good they’re happy, you’ll see the excitement on their faces.
So with the whole high rise of malaria in Africa, like we’re trying to go into other African countries too. Presently, we are planning something with Zimbabwe. But presently, for 1st of October my organization in collaboration with other organizations too are actually planning to run a full scale malaria project which is “Nigeria @60: malaria eradication” but its going to be different this time because there’s an addition. The addition is that i discovered a malaria repellant band, very effective because have tried it and giving it to 15 people also. I wanted to try it out myself before putting it out there. Am trying to have people coming together because its not that cheap but am happy i have people wanting to collaborate with me and reach out wide to many people. So we are trying to run a full scale malaria project where we test people, give them medication, see a doctor, and at the same time give them the malaria repellant band which lasts for 3 months.

I want to ask you a question, kind of casual. I feel like my blood type mosquitoes like it.
“Is there a kind of scent or blood type that just attracts mosquitoes more than others?”

Sometimes it might be the environment you are living in, it might be a cause to that.

There’s something about your bio that says you’re quite intentional. Obviously going back to your root with Abia state, and really been intentional with your stuff.
“I don’t know if that’s me picking up on it or if that’s something you’re doing quite deliberately and what is your long time goal, what people should be expecting, like looking forward to this october?”

I think my long time goal is to bring back proper health care service to Nigeria, to Africa at large, that’s my goal. I just wanna be able to be one of those people who will give back to my country, who will bring the government and the people together especially the youths. As a youth advocate, i try to make sure working together, people to see me as an inspiration. Like i wanna do this because she’s doing this, so that’s just my goal.

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