“Sexual harassment almost ruinate my future” – Says Instagram Comedienne, Pelumi Keshinro

Pelumi Keshinro also known as @ayam_pikoh_official is one of the young talents currently rocking the Nigerian Entertainment industry. She is a Comedienne, actor, content creator and a social media influencer who hails from Ogun State, Ijebu Ode precisely.
Though, she has been participating in her church dramas but Pelumi joined Instagram in 2017 with her first skit and today, the rest is history.
Education for her started from Golden Star Primary School, before she moved to Ogbogbo Baptist Grammar School for her Secondary School Education. Subsequently, she gained admission at Pogil College of Health, Ijebu Ode where she studied Dentistry. In an exclusive interview with www.yorubamoviegist.com publisher, Gbolahan Adetayo, the charming Pelumi revealed to us some of the battles she fought to get to the stage she is today in the industry, among other crucial information you need to know about her. Enjoy it:

How did you delve into comedy?
I have a brother who’s name is Dimeji, hew does comedy skits and he featured me in one of his skits, I fell in love with the job and I developed interest in it. Though have been into church dramas when I was very young, i do participate in dance dramas. But then I don’t know anything about Instagram. That should be in 2006 if I could remember. But I started Instagram officially 2017. I never knew the world will accept me or I will ever make money from it, I was just doing it for the love and passion I have for it.

What really influenced your style of comedy?
Initially, my dad was against it but my mum do support me though sometimes she is scared but I do tell her not to be scared. What influenced my style of comedy is that, i have tried so many styles of comedies without making waves, so I just sat one day and I was in deep thought, thinking of what I can do because I don’t want to do the same thing I have been seeing online. So, I got the concept of an unserious student. Most students when the teacher is teaching them or let me say if we are in school, we do think a lot of things that we can’t voice out, so I felt it’s a concept no one has done before and that is it.

When you did that style at first, what was the response from the public?
They accepted it because it is something everyone can relate with and many of us have done such when we were still in school.

What are the challenges you face in the industry?
I do face many challenges but all of them are now my experience and it makes me stronger. Sometimes, I will use all my energy and money to make skit and people won’t help me repost.
Sometimes I will be in a bad mood and I will still be forced to make people laugh. I do face a lot of intimidation from opposite sex that claim they want to help me ( but this is a normal thing happening in all sectors) it all depends on you as a woman to sell your body or not .

Intimidation from opposite sex, can you explain this better?
What I mean is that they try to sleep with you just because you need their help to be famous in the industry but I decided to stand on my feet and do things on my own. This also happen in other Industry, those looking for jobs will understand what I am saying better. A situation where your boss will want to sleep with you just because he want to give you a job or promotion. It is now left to you as a woman to know what you want.

How do you cope with male admirers?
I do tell them I am in a relationship. They have no option than to give up.

Were you at any point in time thought of quitting?
Yes! When I started the school concept, people do turn up but it got to some extents I think they got tired of one concept, I got frustrated and I told one of my friends that I don’t think I can continue this comedy stuff,I was advised not to give up that some days are like that. So, I kept pushing because consistency is the key to success, I added more creativity to the school concept and here I am today, and I believe God is still taking me somewhere (We move).

Now, what would you say about your career?
I’m moving by his grace. Just like my slang I do use (we move) and this is working for me because slow motion is better than no motion. So, I thank God for where I am today and where he is taking me to.

How do you make money from the job?
I make money from business adverts, birthday shoutouts and some of my fans who love what I do always show me love.

What is your plan for marriage?
I will probably get married once it’s time, I believe in God time is the best.

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