NANUS National Headquarters (NHQs): Call For Convention And Sales Of Form To Interested Candidates

National Association of Nupe Students (NANUS), National Headquarters (NHQs). The Convention Planning Committee (CPC) hereby inform the general public and interested individual who are willing to aspire for any post that the form will be ready for sale starting from Monday 8th March 2021.

And the convention will be coming up on the 1st of April 2021, inauguration follows on 2nd of April.

The post of the President, Welfare Secretary and P.R.O is strictly only for kwara state (zone A). The post of Secretary General, Treasurer and Speaker is for Niger state (zone B). The post of the Vice President, Financial Secretary and Director of Social is for kogi state (zone C). And other posts are not zoned, interested candidate from any state can apply for it.

Below are the list of prices for different posts interested persons can apply for;

1. President       N13,000

2. Vice President     N7,000

3. Secretary General     N10,000

4. Treasurer     N10,000

5. Financial Secretary     N10,000

6. Welfare Secretary     N7,000

7. Speaker     N7,000

8. P.R.O     N7000

9. Director of Social     N7,000

10. Auditor General     N7,000

11. Sport Director     N7,000

12. Assistant Secretary General     N7,000

13. Academic Secretary     N7,000

14. Provost Marsha     N7,000

Photos below:

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Nakorji Usman chiroma
Nakorji Usman chiroma
6 months ago

Masha Allah

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