Popular Dancer Merrick Shares His Opinion About Twerking, Soapy Dance Moves

Despite what many think about twerking, popular dancer, Achimugu James a.k.a. Merrick, says it is a creative way of making known one’s thoughts or feelings.

He believes art is amplified by freedom and every dancer has a right to express the body whichever way he feels.

In an interview with Journalist, Merrick said: “There is nothing ungodly in any way about twerking or doing the soapy dance moves. Firstly we have to understand what dancing means as a form of art. It means expressing oneself freely with body movements. You’re free to making known how you feel whichever way your deem fit.”

According to him, many talented dancers fail to cut their teeth in Nigeria’s entertainment industry to become stars because of their inability to remain consistent, stay focused and work hard to achieve recognition and acclaim.

Recounting his journey so far, Merrick who is planning to establish a formal school that combines scholastic education with dancing arts, said he was roundly rejected by many dance instructors in the early days of his foray into the industry but kept on chasing his dreams until his breakthrough came in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

“There’s money in dancing. All you need is to understand what you’re doing and be strategically active. Believe in yourself and you will attract the right people. Above all, approaching professional dancing with a business mindset or hiring a manager who can do so will help any aspiring dancer to hit the limelight faster,” he added.

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